Sunday, 29 April 2012

Being a 'Grown up' sucks!

So my parents dropped the bomb on me the other day that I need to start paying my own car insurance! Apparently now that I'm 22, not living at home and have a full time job means I have to start paying for things, which means I will have to sacrifice spending all my pennies on shopping! I don't even understand what half the stuff means on means! What is excess and do I really need to protect my car keys for an extra £10! not so 'SIMPLES!'

So I got paid this week and oh boy I am already going cold turkey! I went to my local shopping centre to do some 'window shopping' which led me to reeeeaaaaalllllyy wanting to buy some heels from office! They were in the sale and everything! So there I was saying 'should I, shouldn't I'....(this took a long time) as I prized myself away it was only  seconds after walking out the shop I walked back in saying maybe I should just try them on just to be sure.....well Luckily for me they didn't fit! So after wasting about 30 minutes of my life I walked around some more. On Friday I'm going to Badminton Horse Trials, now with all this wet weather I feel that it's a must that I buy some new Wellies! I've left my old Hunter Wellies which i've had since I was 16 at my parents farm. Last week I saw some Hunters in the local shop which had £20 off forgetting that today was Sunday I drove all the way there to a arrive at a closed store. NOT COOL! So as I came home I did some on-line browsing when I came across these babies!

I fell in LOVE with these and thought they would be great for both city and country use! Perfect for my lifestyle...They were reduced from £130 to £54.99 bargain! But oh wait...when I went to click on my size did it show me in bit red letters OUT OF STOCK! They have them in Black but they weren't reduced and I can't quite persuade myself enough to splash that much out..or can I? :-p

So here I am, shoeless and  feeling as though this is a sign that it's time to start spending less money on clothes and leisure and more money on being a 'grown up'......yeah right!


Friday, 13 April 2012

More Jack Wills....

So once again Mr Jack Wills managed to rob me of all my money! I literally cannot control my addiction to that shop! I went to Chichester the other day with one of my best buds Adam... he will pleased that he got a mention in this blog. 

So as I was dragging Adams hungover ass around Chichester I discovered one of the most sensational Jack Wills Shops ever!! I mean take a look at how beautiful it is I just want to live there! The inside was all decorated with the traditional Jack Wills pink and blue stripes. The changing rooms were two individual bedrooms with beds and decorated with Jack Wills Homewares. I think i might secretly move in.

One of my favourite things is the Jack Wills Land Rover on the front lawn, not sure I could get away with painting my fiat punto like this...what do you think?

So of course I had to purchase something and as I had conveniently broken my sunnies the day before I couldnt resist purchasing myself a pair of these. I did originally want Ray Bans but for a similar design they are actually much more affordable at only £69.

Another item I couldn't resist buying was this cute blue summer dress which was even in the sale! it was £89 and I got it for £59 bargain if I don't say so myself! :D only thing is its very short as I have pretty long legs so I treated myself to a nice big pair of Jack Wills pants just in case the wind does decide to blow!!

Right I've unfortunately got to go and work a night shift now! Yawn... I hopefully will try and post something soon but as you can all see I'm pants at being a regular blogger!!! 

Much Love

Bakey xx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Note to self...never forget your car keys!

So last week I went to London to meet my university friend Hannah. After spending a lovely evening scoffing pizza and the following day exploring the wonderful Camden market buying lots of bargains I decided to head back to Guildford. 

So I walked the 30 minute walk to the hospital where I had left my car parked for the couple of days when I noticed that I couldn't hear the jingle of the bell that's attached to my car keys. I rummaged through the mounds of crap that's in my bag and realised I had left my car keys in London!! 

At 9pm I couldn't exactly go trawling back to London as I had work the next day at 7am! So the whole weekend I spent squatting at various friends houses! Now I'm one of these people that takes about 10 pairs of underwear with me when I go to stay at people's houses. I always get funny looks about this but you just never know what is going to happen!! I finally proved my point! 

So two days later I had arranged for Hannah to meet another friend of mine as he was in London so it was all set 1.30 at Waterloo station burger king. She was very excited that I set her up on this little blind date!...So all was going well until I got a text from Hannah saying I'm at Victoria station Burger King and he is at Waterloo Burger King!! There's a reason that girl is blonde! If you want to read about Hannah s little adventure then go to her blog (Loveletters and Snippets). 

So on my homeless weekend I would like to thank my dear friends for dealing with my stressful situation and making sure I didn't sleep on Guildford High Street! 

I would also like to share with you a recent purchase of mine which I got in London with Hannah. He is called Piles the Panda, because he is a Panda (obviously) and he makes me smile! So I hope he makes you smile too! :D 

Love Bakey x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

M.A.C Cosmetics- ''gotta have it!''


So I have figured I'm pretty pants at this blogging malarky! I have quite frankly been uber busy,with nursing and trying to fit my social life in I struggle to find the time to blog! But on this dull spring morning I am for once not covered in bodily fluids at work and am lying in bed with not much to do! 

I have just watched this weeks 90210! I absolutely love this programme! I think the story lines are realistic and enticing and the fashion is always sexy! The only thing I dislike is how skinny and pretty they all are! Its like a world full of pretty people and all the ugly people have been banished!! 

So whilst I have been away I have done a incy bit of shopping! I managed to spend a whopping £80 in MAC the other day! But I feel this is easily accomplished considering all of their products range between £10-£25. But it is just sooo irresistible and lasts forever!! One of the prioducts I'm loving at the moment is from their new collection VERA. 

MAC VERA Pearlmatte face powder
''Embossed with her signature ladybug motif, this powder could only be  M∙A∙C Vera. Three shades in both pearl and matte finishes. Effortless to blend, provides a dynamic highlight for face or eyes. Limited edition.''

I love this Product, you can't really see it very well in this picture but it has 3 sections, the outside section works as a highlighter. The shop assistant said you can either mix them all together or use the middle sections as a blusher and with a smaller brush or your finger use the highlight to accentuate you cheek bones. It works really nicely and Is a great summer must have!

Another purchase from MAC was a Lipcolour from the SHOP M.A.C collection. I love wearing lip glosses, colour, sticks, balms and I couldn't resist buying a new lipcolour when I saw this Light Pink one which I thought would compliment the new blusher I had just purchased. It is called M.A.C Kissable Lipcolour, it is a non sticky Lip colour so its not a gloss but its not as thick as a lipstick. It sometimes needs to be smoothed with your finger or lip brush as can look a bit smeary but with some gloss over the top it looks amaze! 

''Delicious...flows on with the slick ease of a gloss. Has a look as creamy and pigment-rich as a lipstick. Shop  M∙A∙C's fun packaging sets the style - and seals the deal!  Limited edition! ''

I also brought a new top from river island. It is a monochrome black and white long line vest. It looks great with a pair of leggings, jeans or a high waisted body con skirt. I love the geometric shapes and it goes really well with a grey and black geometric blazer I brought also from river island. 

Right I need to stop being lazy today and head to the gym! I will try update you all soon! 

Muchos Love 

Bakey x

Friday, 24 February 2012

'Hollie Willis'- The new name of fashion

I'm one of these lucky girls in life who has a fashion designer for a sister! Although she has recently graduated from university she has already showed her new collection called 'Modern Heritage' in none other than London Fashion Week. Not only did the show go well she has been asked to show her collection again in the finale show next week! There is nothing stopping this girl and she is prepared to take the world of fashion by storm!

Check out this cheeky video of Hollie giving you an insight into her collection

Now I don't have many pictures of the show but I took a couple back stage to give you a little sneak peak into what her collection is like. I will aim to put up some good photos of her photo shoot and the catwalk show very soon! 

Hollie Willis (Right) with model in field coat

Getting Hair and Make up done

Stunning (Photography by The Future Vintage)

This is only a snippet in what my sister can do she has achieved so much over the past year and I am very proud of her. Ill keep you posted! 

Love you always sis 


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pimms O'clock

''Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you wil die today'' -James Dean

So here we are nearing the end of February and heading into Spring the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the birds were singing. BEAUTIFUL. 

Today I was feeling slightly worse for wear after having a heavy(ish) night out with my student friends. oh yes the wannabe student came out after a long 12 hour shift yesterday, I couldn't resist the temptaion. We started the day with a HUGE fry up, the ultimate way to cure a hangover I would say, followed by watching the film Bounty Hunter. It was a good film however I was slightly drifting in and out of sleep so got slightly confused about who was chasing who and for what reasons, on the other hand Gerard butlerr is a HOTTIE so I was happy just watching him :)... yes I am a perve!

So as the film ended the boys thought they would head back to there house and try get some sleep. This decision did not last long as less than an hour later we were all down the pub!... oh yes it was Pimms O'clock!   What better way to cure a hangover. 

So there we all were 4 0'clock in the afternoon looking rather keen that summer has arrived, the boys wearing their shorts, ray bans and espadrilles and us girls wearing shorts (with tights I'm not getting too ahead of myself) and Sunnies all freezing our butts off outside by the riverside with two nice jugs of Pimms. :) I think we may have been a tad over ambitious with this idea and it didn't take us long to head inside! 
Tom and Mel
Tom seemed to think this picture made it look like his bum has been 'sucked out', I have to agree these shorts do not flatter his booty in any shape of form! 

Life is tough ;-)

Love Bakey 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pizza, film and can be tough sometimes

So today I had a day of work, when I'm not shopping I spend a lot of my days hanging out with my chum Muff, ( a nickname I have so kindly given her).

So today Muff and I thought it would be fun to go and play in the remains of the snow. When I turned up at her house we both agreed it was far too cold to be outside, (an excuse as lets be honest we were just being lazy). So instead we spent our day lying in her bed, ordering a dominos and watching a mushy film.

Muff and I have a habit of eating a lot of Dominos pizza and we had both made it a partial New years resolution not to eat  as many. We have made it until now so not done too badly if I don't say so myself.

After eating our pizza and feeling rather sick, we think from the disgusting so called sausage on it, Muff was then made to feel bad from the other half for eating it as he was saying it would cause her 'long term health problems'. (Muff is a size 10 and hasn't changed size in years.) I'm not going to lie but surely ONE Dominos pizza isn't going to cause a blooming heart attack!! grr men can nit pick some times!

So after feeling rather agitated that our pizza was now being used to make us feel guilty for not being at the gym we decided to watch a film called 'One Day' With  Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess

I'm going to be honest I didn't think it was that good. It was not what I expected and I didn't like the time period it was in the 90's was not a good time for fashion, hair and make up! The one good thing is that the actor is really hot and he has a nice voice (is that weird?).

I have been told that the book is really good but I am blonde and I can never finish a book. It took me 2 years to try and read the first Harry Potter, I still never finished it! So I am your typical cheater that skips the book and goes straight to the film.

After watching it I'm now thinking that I should read the book, people always say that the books are better than the films...

...or I'm thinking just ditch that idea because lets face it I'm never going to read it!

So after feeling rather full and lazy I thought about going to the gym but then again a bath and bed sounded better!

Ciao xx