Sunday, 29 April 2012

Being a 'Grown up' sucks!

So my parents dropped the bomb on me the other day that I need to start paying my own car insurance! Apparently now that I'm 22, not living at home and have a full time job means I have to start paying for things, which means I will have to sacrifice spending all my pennies on shopping! I don't even understand what half the stuff means on means! What is excess and do I really need to protect my car keys for an extra £10! not so 'SIMPLES!'

So I got paid this week and oh boy I am already going cold turkey! I went to my local shopping centre to do some 'window shopping' which led me to reeeeaaaaalllllyy wanting to buy some heels from office! They were in the sale and everything! So there I was saying 'should I, shouldn't I'....(this took a long time) as I prized myself away it was only  seconds after walking out the shop I walked back in saying maybe I should just try them on just to be sure.....well Luckily for me they didn't fit! So after wasting about 30 minutes of my life I walked around some more. On Friday I'm going to Badminton Horse Trials, now with all this wet weather I feel that it's a must that I buy some new Wellies! I've left my old Hunter Wellies which i've had since I was 16 at my parents farm. Last week I saw some Hunters in the local shop which had £20 off forgetting that today was Sunday I drove all the way there to a arrive at a closed store. NOT COOL! So as I came home I did some on-line browsing when I came across these babies!

I fell in LOVE with these and thought they would be great for both city and country use! Perfect for my lifestyle...They were reduced from £130 to £54.99 bargain! But oh wait...when I went to click on my size did it show me in bit red letters OUT OF STOCK! They have them in Black but they weren't reduced and I can't quite persuade myself enough to splash that much out..or can I? :-p

So here I am, shoeless and  feeling as though this is a sign that it's time to start spending less money on clothes and leisure and more money on being a 'grown up'......yeah right!



  1. i like those boots too, hunter isn t it? :)

  2. no worries honey... yea they are hunters i'm still so sad they aren't in my size!