Friday, 13 April 2012

More Jack Wills....

So once again Mr Jack Wills managed to rob me of all my money! I literally cannot control my addiction to that shop! I went to Chichester the other day with one of my best buds Adam... he will pleased that he got a mention in this blog. 

So as I was dragging Adams hungover ass around Chichester I discovered one of the most sensational Jack Wills Shops ever!! I mean take a look at how beautiful it is I just want to live there! The inside was all decorated with the traditional Jack Wills pink and blue stripes. The changing rooms were two individual bedrooms with beds and decorated with Jack Wills Homewares. I think i might secretly move in.

One of my favourite things is the Jack Wills Land Rover on the front lawn, not sure I could get away with painting my fiat punto like this...what do you think?

So of course I had to purchase something and as I had conveniently broken my sunnies the day before I couldnt resist purchasing myself a pair of these. I did originally want Ray Bans but for a similar design they are actually much more affordable at only £69.

Another item I couldn't resist buying was this cute blue summer dress which was even in the sale! it was £89 and I got it for £59 bargain if I don't say so myself! :D only thing is its very short as I have pretty long legs so I treated myself to a nice big pair of Jack Wills pants just in case the wind does decide to blow!!

Right I've unfortunately got to go and work a night shift now! Yawn... I hopefully will try and post something soon but as you can all see I'm pants at being a regular blogger!!! 

Much Love

Bakey xx


  1. those glasses and dress are really stylish.
    i like your blog, following it

    here is mine if you want to take a look and maybe, follow

    1. aww thanks honey! glad to hear your following I'm not great at updating it but I'll try! I'm following you too! :D