Thursday, 22 March 2012

Note to self...never forget your car keys!

So last week I went to London to meet my university friend Hannah. After spending a lovely evening scoffing pizza and the following day exploring the wonderful Camden market buying lots of bargains I decided to head back to Guildford. 

So I walked the 30 minute walk to the hospital where I had left my car parked for the couple of days when I noticed that I couldn't hear the jingle of the bell that's attached to my car keys. I rummaged through the mounds of crap that's in my bag and realised I had left my car keys in London!! 

At 9pm I couldn't exactly go trawling back to London as I had work the next day at 7am! So the whole weekend I spent squatting at various friends houses! Now I'm one of these people that takes about 10 pairs of underwear with me when I go to stay at people's houses. I always get funny looks about this but you just never know what is going to happen!! I finally proved my point! 

So two days later I had arranged for Hannah to meet another friend of mine as he was in London so it was all set 1.30 at Waterloo station burger king. She was very excited that I set her up on this little blind date!...So all was going well until I got a text from Hannah saying I'm at Victoria station Burger King and he is at Waterloo Burger King!! There's a reason that girl is blonde! If you want to read about Hannah s little adventure then go to her blog (Loveletters and Snippets). 

So on my homeless weekend I would like to thank my dear friends for dealing with my stressful situation and making sure I didn't sleep on Guildford High Street! 

I would also like to share with you a recent purchase of mine which I got in London with Hannah. He is called Piles the Panda, because he is a Panda (obviously) and he makes me smile! So I hope he makes you smile too! :D 

Love Bakey x

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