Tuesday, 13 March 2012

M.A.C Cosmetics- ''gotta have it!''


So I have figured I'm pretty pants at this blogging malarky! I have quite frankly been uber busy,with nursing and trying to fit my social life in I struggle to find the time to blog! But on this dull spring morning I am for once not covered in bodily fluids at work and am lying in bed with not much to do! 

I have just watched this weeks 90210! I absolutely love this programme! I think the story lines are realistic and enticing and the fashion is always sexy! The only thing I dislike is how skinny and pretty they all are! Its like a world full of pretty people and all the ugly people have been banished!! 

So whilst I have been away I have done a incy bit of shopping! I managed to spend a whopping £80 in MAC the other day! But I feel this is easily accomplished considering all of their products range between £10-£25. But it is just sooo irresistible and lasts forever!! One of the prioducts I'm loving at the moment is from their new collection VERA. 

MAC VERA Pearlmatte face powder
''Embossed with her signature ladybug motif, this powder could only be  M∙A∙C Vera. Three shades in both pearl and matte finishes. Effortless to blend, provides a dynamic highlight for face or eyes. Limited edition.''

I love this Product, you can't really see it very well in this picture but it has 3 sections, the outside section works as a highlighter. The shop assistant said you can either mix them all together or use the middle sections as a blusher and with a smaller brush or your finger use the highlight to accentuate you cheek bones. It works really nicely and Is a great summer must have!

Another purchase from MAC was a Lipcolour from the SHOP M.A.C collection. I love wearing lip glosses, colour, sticks, balms and I couldn't resist buying a new lipcolour when I saw this Light Pink one which I thought would compliment the new blusher I had just purchased. It is called M.A.C Kissable Lipcolour, it is a non sticky Lip colour so its not a gloss but its not as thick as a lipstick. It sometimes needs to be smoothed with your finger or lip brush as can look a bit smeary but with some gloss over the top it looks amaze! 

''Delicious...flows on with the slick ease of a gloss. Has a look as creamy and pigment-rich as a lipstick. Shop  M∙A∙C's fun packaging sets the style - and seals the deal!  Limited edition! ''

I also brought a new top from river island. It is a monochrome black and white long line vest. It looks great with a pair of leggings, jeans or a high waisted body con skirt. I love the geometric shapes and it goes really well with a grey and black geometric blazer I brought also from river island. 

Right I need to stop being lazy today and head to the gym! I will try update you all soon! 

Muchos Love 

Bakey x

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