Sunday, 29 January 2012

''All I had was blonde hair and a body men liked. The reason I got ahead is that I was lucky and met the right men.''- Marilyn Monroe

Now Lush is a brand I always used to think was overpriced and just a bit of a marketing scheme. However one of my friends swore by there products so I thought I'd give some of them a go. 

Now I've got blonde highlighted hair and have recently been using the Tigi Dumb Blonde shampoo and conditioner. I love the smell of these however I used to always feel as if my hair was greasy afterwards once dried. maybe it's just not right for my hair. 

So there I was in the Lush store trying to overcome and not pass out by the empowering smell of the shop, when the shop assistant came over to me and showed me this product called Marilyn. 

It costs £8.50 a pot and mainly contains chamomile, lemon, saffron and linseed. Its a pre wash treatment and I tend to keep it on about 30 mins- one hour before washing it out!

Now this product will make you feel like Marilyn no joke! It smells so yummy, the texture and feel of your hair afterwards is delicious and leaves its so soft and silky. It is great as a once a week treatment or when you have got a special occasion coming up. 

I can now say that I have a lot more Lush products in my beauty box!

Love Bakey and Marilyn ;) xx

1926 – 1962

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  1. i loe lush cosmetics too
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